Join us in Cuddetown for Burning Ham 4

March 19 - 22

Guns, drones, food, drink, sounds, bikes & dikes...Cuddeback Dry Lake!

Burning Ham 4 Flyer


Hams For Tots 2014

Thanks to the Scrappers and 435'ers!


Burning Ham IV Pyro Fund

Please go here to donate to the Fireworks fund. All monies will be spent on fireworks and will be
presented on March 21, 2015 at the 4th Annual Burning Ham Event located at Cuddeback Dry Lake.

Corey Fireworks


Photos from the W6ARK Antenna Party

Roger's Antenna Party

August 2014


N6VGU Memorial Dinner

Friday, July 11, 2014
7:30 PM

Fronk's Restaurant

16922 Bellflower Blvd. Bellflower, CA 90706

Come celebrate the life of Darren Rumas. All are welcome.

Click here to support the services and wake.

Amateur Radio lost a saint. Darren Rumas was a huge influence on the ham radio community, especially 435. He was a good friend and mentor of mine. He fixed my broken equipment literally hundreds of times, as well as everyone else's. He was affectionately known as "The Moo," "Pugsley", "Peter Rabbit", "Cock Robin", "Gregory Pecker" and more. He was a man of integrity, friend to all hams and a technical wizard of all things above 50Mhz. Without Darren, there would be no 435 as it is today. More to follow...



Click here to support the services and wake.

Darren Rumas N6VGU

Those are my cigarettes, not Darren's! He never smoked.


Do NOTBug-EyesClick here!


since Darin welched on the bet!


Burning Ham 3 Photos

Burning Ham 3 Ariel
photo by wa6ati

To add your photos, or download them all via FTP:

username= "scrap"
password= "burning.ham3"

More Burning Ham Photos by Roger Bly, K6MWT

More Burning Ham Photos by Heath Collins, KK6CRK


Blast From The Past

Goose Hunt Cibola Refuge
Cibola Refuge - Circa mid-1980's - Can you spot w6dek? Click to enlarge.


VIDEO: Winter Riding Season 2013-2014 (so far)


VIDEO: Godzilla Rides A Quad!



KF6GK Memorial Page

KF6GK was a model ham!


GK Memorial Wake Photos HERE (raw)


A Son's Farewell

Dennis R Keizer 1926-2013


The Ultimate Battery Solution for the Yaesu FT-530

I have been experimenting with batteries for my FT-530 and I found a solution that works for me. Go here for the details.


Baofeng UV-5R Data file

The above file is a data file for the UV-5R containing all the local vhf and uhf repeaters, GMRS pairs and MURS frequencies.
1. Right-click on the link and "save as" to your Baofeng directory. Usually it is C:\Program Files\BF5R_CPS\
2. Open the software. From the pull-down menu on the left select "file" and "open"
3. Highlight the file (Simone.dat) and double-click it.
You may now examine the file and edit it to suit your needs. Don't forget to rename it and save the new file before you write it to the radio. Enjoy.
Special thanks to Mitch, kf6fst and Simone, k6dxn for providing the file.
NOTE: THIS FILE IS FOR THE UV-5R ONLY and will not work with the UV-3R or the Wouxun radios!


Photos from Fort Bolsa Chica 8/11/2012


Listen to this Classic Richard Burton Interview on KFI with Tom Leykis

The good stuff is 16 minutes in.


WA6HMC Bob Arkow Takes Down the Telemarketers on Dateline NBC from 1995


W6DEK.COM is an Amateur Radio related web site serving the Notorious 147.435 MHz Repeater in Los Angeles, and the entire Ham Radio Community. The 435 Repeater is owned by Roger Bly K6MWT, and is operating under the callsign, N6BHU. The output is 147.435 MHz and the input is 146.400 MHz with a pl of 103.5 Hz. The repeater operates from Oat Mountain in the North San Fernando Valley.

In the beginning there was Later on it became apparent that the needs of 435 were growing. At the same time, the webmaster of KD6GDB, was finding less time to keep up with his site. 435's web presence was revived when a newbie named Gary Elmer KG6DVO, purchased the domain name Gary created a cool site for us jam packed with lots of features and 435online became 435's "Official" Web Site.

W6DEK.COM was originally designed purely for entertainment. As time went on, it grew to a relatively large and cumbersome endeavor itself. W6DEK.COM is now designed to provide a service to the 147.435MHz Repeater, as well as the entire amateur radio community in general. This site is open to everyone, amateurs and non amateurs alike. Since I have unlimited disk space here, W6DEK.COM is now hosting the 435 435 DVR Archives, 435 Movie Archives, and the 435 Photo Archives. All of these are available by directory listings.

Listen to the notorious 435 repeater live.


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