Anyone? Anyone? Hi. I'm Scott. Some people don't like me, Like I really care. STY never liked me. But that's ok 'cause I'm smaaarter than heeeee. The 435'vers are all up in arms at the prospect of me, yours truly, actually being able to get into the repeater. First I was gonna put my whreeemote over at YDO's. What a friggin' stupid idea that was. Anyway, YDO string'ged me along for months and reneged on the deal. Good thing too, since I hearded his beambas fell down in the wind. Anyway, I digress.....I told Robin I would GIVE him a radio to keep for ever and ever and ever and ever if he would let me put my whreeemote over at his house under only one condition. MAX CAN NEVER NEVER NEVER USE IT. Robin agreed and everything was all set. Well, it didn't take long for Max to talk Robin out of that. Anyway by and by, I'm still looking for a place to put the kilt crusher whreeemote so I can't take out Sludge. If anybody's interested, you can e-mail me at kf6biw at hotmail dot caaaaaaaam. 


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