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Welcome to the W6DEK Plugins Support PageGet the plugins needed for w6dek.com. I have Crescendo Software available for download


for a

New Generation of Browsers

Updated 11-20-04

  If you were redirected here it's because I chose to bring you here instead of directly to the plugin developer's site. Since all plugins are not created equal, this page can offer you a choice, as well as some of my own suggestions, base on my limited personal experience. If you're using Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, the chances are you won't need any plugins to browse the content on this site. If you're using something else, God bless you. I have spent countless hours researching the data bases, in an effort to create pages that everyone can view. My goal is try to maintain a multimedia interactive web site that can accommodate as many different types of browsers and operating systems as possible. I believe that using good code is the first step to creating pages that don't crash. Therefore, I have been updating and validating my HTML code through the WORLD WIDE WEB CONSORTIUM. Unfortunately, Microsoft will never follow anyone's "standards" but their own. After all, why should they? Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 is a good browser. It understands just about any kind of HTML code, and can successfully render even the most error ridden pages without crashing. That's why it remains my browser of choice. I have been doing lots of expeimenting with browsers this month. This is the reason I am updating this page. Good news! I now have six different browsers living happily on one (WinXP) machine. Opera 7.54, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape 7.2, Netscape 4.8, and IE6. Here are my observatons on this new generation of browsers:


The two new browsers from Mozilla are both very nice. The Windows version of Mozilla is a huge improvement over previous versions. Full featured and fast. Also, very impressive is Mozilla's "little brother," Firefox. So far, Firefox is living up to it's name as "a lean mean browsing machine."

Browser Plug-ins

Opera 7.54 is prety cool too. Extremely customizable and flexible. I especially like the "Quick Preferrences" feature for allowing the browser to change identity on the fly.


I am most impressed with this latest release from Netscape. The new Netscape 7.1 just plane rocks. it also seems to support many Microsoft parameters and extensions.


And then there is Netscape 4.8. This humble little browser still holds a special place on my main PC. However, I don't think anyone is publishing pages for this thing any more except me. But rest assured, with the appropriate plugins, all of the above mentioned browsers, as well as IE6, will render the pages on this site without any problem.

Virtual Machine

"JAVA plug-ins"


Java is the basic bare essential on the world wide web these days. Without it, you get nothing on this site in the way of multimedia. None of the sound or movie files will work without it. Fortunately, plugins for Java are very commonly available. You will find the most recent version of it at java.sun.com. For those of you with older browsers, I have also archived a few earlier versions of JAVA below. Also, due to the lawsuit (Sun Vs MS), early versions of Windows XP did not include Microsoft Virtual Machine or Java. Since VM is getting hard to find, I have included it here too. NOTE: If you're running Internet Explorer, I strongly recomend that you use Microsoft's Virtual Machine. It seems to to be a lot smoother, and a little less buggy.

Microsoft VM for Internet Explorer msjavX86.exe 5.07 MB
Sun Java Runtime Currect Version Java.Sun.com unknown
Sun Java Runtime Version j2re-1_4_1_01-windows-i586.exe 7.64 MB
Sun Java Runtime Version j2re-1_3_1_03-win.exe 5.09 MB

Crescendo 5

"MIDI" and "MP3" Files

QuickTime Link

Click here for the "midi" test page (background)

Click here for the "midi" test page (Shows Player)

Click here for the "MP3" test page (background)

Click here for the "MP3" test page (Shows Player)

Say good-bye to Live-Update, developers of Crescendo!

I am sorry to inform you that Crescendo is gone. To the best of my knowledge, Crescendo was the first and only plugin for Netscape/Mozilla browsers, to play streaming MIDI on the web. Crescendo was my first choice for use with Netscape 4 Browsers. I have several versions archived here. If anyone has any other Crescendo applications, please e-mail me, so that I can archive them here. I have recently discovered VanBasco's MIDI plugin which I now highly recommend. VanBasco's MIDI plugin is an extremely versatile stand-alone midi player and browser plugin. I am using this one with Netscape 4.8 myself and in many ways, it's better than Crescendo. This one is pretty cool. You can get it here. QuickTime will work fine for all the embedded MIDI, MP3 and WAV files on this site, but the player windows are sized for Crescendo. I recommend QuickTime for all the newer versions of Netscape, Mozilla and Opera. QuickTime is also the answer for Mac and Linux users. If you're using a modern version of Internet Explorer, you probably don't need a plugin. I recommend you stay away from the Active-X version of Crescendo. Windows Media Player works quite well.

Crescendo 5 for Win 95,98,ME
Crescendo 5 for WIndows NT/ 2K / XP
Crescendo 5 for Windows (Active-X)
Internet Explorer (not recomended)
Crescendo 3 beta for Windows 95
Netscape (not recomended)
Crescendo 3 beta for Windows 95
Internet Explorer 4 (not recomended)
Netscape / Interner Explorer (all)
VanBasco's MIDI plugin Netscape / Interner Explorer (all)



In the beginning there was Live Audio. Windows users browsing with early versions of Netscape or Mozilla can simply download this tiny dll file. Just unzip it into your plugins directory. No need to install anything. This works with all the early versions of Netscape 4 that I have tried. For all the later versions of Netscape, Mozilla and Opera, QuickTime is the hot ticket.

Click here for the "WAVE" test page (background)

Click here for the "WAVE" test page (Shows Player)

Download liveaudio.zip



This one is easy. For the Flash plugin, go to Macromedia.com.

The Flash test page is here.

Shockwave Flash

Window Washer


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W6DEK Plugins

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