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Here is everything you need to know about Echolink Voice Over IP Access for the W6DEK 900 Mhz and 147.435 Mhz amateur radio Repeaters.Voice over Internet Protocol has become very popular and Echolink seems to be the V.I.P. of choice for most ham radio repeaters.


We got a new Echolink server! Our new Athalon 2000XP is now up and running. The new machine is hosting Echolink as well as the 435 News Group. Our Echolink node number is 20436 and it is operating as before, under Evil Tim's callsign, W6DCE-L. One minor change - The access database was not recovered and I do not have time to create a new one. That means we're on the honor system folks. Anyone can connect to the node but if it gets abused, I'll pull the plug on it. Be responsible amateurs and enjoy. ~w6dek~

Echolink Voice Over IP

The W6DCE Echolink to 147.435 will be up and down depending on whether or not the 900 link is on. It will be operating under Tim's callsign, W6DCE-L. I cannot run both links from this location at the same time. Switching back and forth is a chore since all the callsign permissioning must be entered each time. For now, the link to 435 will remain enabled. Keep in mind that even though the repeater is open, the W6DCE-L link is private and open to authorized hams only. For more information on either system you can e-mail the webmaster.

Echolink Voice Over IP

The W6DEK open Repeater is back up and running with some new improvements. The repeater has been operating in the Hollywood Hills area since 1998 on 927.275 Mhz. The input is is the standard 25 Mhz shift at 902.275 Mhz with a 103.5 hz PL. The system is also "sometimes" connected to the Echolink voice over IP system. Users are reminded to be aware of the Internet link and wait for the repeater to drop carrier before transmitting. To connect to the repeater via the Echolink system, double-click on W6DEK-R. SPECIAL THANKS TO N6VGU. NOTICE: Echolink is currently connected to 147.435. See below.

Echolink Voice Over IP

James H Coburn IV W6JHC, is currently testing his new Rigblaster with Echolink on two meters. You can find James on 145.775 Mhz with a 103.5 hz PL or on Echolink. To connect to James via Echolink, double-click on W6JHC-L or you can e-mail him.

Echolink Voice Over IP

Quickly calculate the length of any dipole here

Echolink Voice Over IP

435 Repeater
147.435Mhz Repeater

Echolink Voice Over IP