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This is the old operating Procedures and Policies for the N6SAP 147.435 Mhz amateur radio Repeater under the ownership of Scott Press, the first time.This was Scott's ham radio operating policies and repeater rules at that time.What a ham!

One low pass filter cavity is flakey so we are currently at -66db separation instead of the 80+ db we usually experience. This will slightly lower the sensitivity of the receiver. The filter cavities on the high pass side (transmit) are working wonderful.

The jamming, quick-keying and complete lack of courtesy is out of control. Therefore, until further notice, to ensure proper operation and promote courtesy, the timeout timer of the repeater is set to one minute. The beep gap is one second. This means that it will take ONE FULL SECOND for the time out timer to reset after you un-key. If you do not wait for a beep, the repeater will time out.

Remote bases are conditionally welcomed. In order to operate a remote base on the N6SAP repeater you must adhere to the following rules that become effective October 21, 2002:

All remote bases must have an identifier. Your call sign must be clearly heard from the remote base while it is transmitting. I refer you to C.F.R. Title 47 §97.119. Station identification. There are no exceptions. Purchase a Comspec ID-8 or a Piccon.
Your remote base must have a three minute time out timer.
You must be able to control or disable the transmitter if it goes out of control. Purchase an X-10 phone controller and appliance module. This way with a phone call you can turn it off.

Any exceptions will result in your remote base station being expelled. If you continue to operate your remote base without the aforementioned requirements, your privilege to operate on the N6SAP repeater will be suspended indefinitely until such a time that you can demonstrate that your remote base identifies and is controllable. It must not interfere with the N6SAP repeater.

Here are instructions how NOT to time out the repeater.

Listen to see if the repeater is in use.
If so, wait for a beep and throw out your call sign or say "break".
If you are acknowledged, wait for the courtesy tone and take your turn. If you are asked to standby, please wait until your turn comes.
You will be offered one minute to pass your message.
If you need more time, please say "reset" and un-key. After the courtesy tone continue your message.
N6SAP says please be courteous to your fellow hams. Please don't jam, please don't play music and please identify.

Thank You!


435 hams

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