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Shoutcast.W6DEK.COM is Home of the 147.435 Mhz Repeater Live feed. Listen Live to the Notorious 147.435 Mhz Amateur Radio Repeater from Los Angeles on Shoutcast Live Streaming Audio. 435live: 435 Live is Ham Radio at it's best. We moved the Live Audio Stream from Live 365, to Shoutcast. We recently removed the password and the stream is now open to the public. Please, if you hear something that offends you, just turn it off. You won't be telling the FCC anything they don't already know. ~ W6DEK ~

Home of 435 Live Streaming Audio on the Internet!

In the beginning, there was Live 365. Jeff Jurenka, KD6GDB pioneered putting 435 audio live on the Internet. As with many other 435 related projects, As far as we know, 435 was the first amateur radio repeater to stream it's audio on the Internet. Jeff was way ahead of his time. He always seem to provide more 435 related services than people seem to require. That's because at the time, broadband was in it's infancy, thus, most would be users would have to tie up a phone line with a 14.4kb or 28.8kb modem. We've come a long way since 1995, and the 435 Repeater is the most listened to ham radio repeater on the Internet. At least as far as the numbers on Shoutcast are concerned. The stream is capable of handling a maximum of about 20 users depending on the bandwidth circumstances at any given time. You may use Winamp or Real Player to listen to the stream. To listen to 435 Live now, go here.


Now that I've got your attention, I need some shoutcast relay servers. The feed is getting popular enough that it is becoming a burden on bandwidth. If anyone has some extra bandwidth, even enough for 5 or 6 listeners, please e-mail me. Each user requires 24kbs. I'm willing to continue to provide this service for free, but I need some help. ~DEK~

Thanks to Evil Tim for stepping up to the plate and providing a relay server!


We've decided to open it up to the public.

This way to the

435 live stream


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435 Live Streaming Audio