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This is the 435 Main Navigation Page and Site Map for the W6DEK.COM 435 Amateur Radio Web Site. 435 IS Ham Radio with an attitude! Here you will find the site map containing a listing of all the pages on this site including the 435 photos, the 435 movies and the 435 DVR Archives. Scroll down and find the directory you are looking for. Just about anything related to the 147.435 Mhz repeater will be archived here. 435live: Listen to 435 live on Radio Refference.

Santiago Peak Coverage Area

Santiago Peak Coverabe Area

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435 Site Map

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Home Page - W6DEK Index Page
435 Site Map - Main Navigation and 435 Site Map
435online Page - KG6DVO "Rules ofthe Road" as they were...
Screw the ARRL - My open letter to the FCC regarding the no-code proposal
Dipole - Calculate the length of any dipole instantly
Dreambooks - Complete list of the 435 Dreambooks
E-mail W6DEK - Send me an e-mail here
Favorites Icon - In case you care
Friends - Links to other 435'ers and amateur radio sites
Payment - N6SAP's check to N6TK
Procedure - N6SAP Repeater Policies and Status Page
435 Live Audio - Listen Live to 435 on Shoutcast streaming audio
Voice Over IP - VIP information for 435 on Echolink
What's New Page - Always check here for the latest updates
Web Directory - Add You URL to the W6DEK Resources List
More Resources - Preferred Partners, Banner Exchange, PowerLinks.
Rebuttal Page- My editorials, rants, and mindless babble.
435 Web Ring- NEW- The official Web Ring for the 147.435 Mhz Repeater
435 Snitch Fund- Such as it was


Photo Pages Index - An index of the photos "pages"
2004 Chili Cook-Off 1
- Page one of the 435 Chili Cook-Off 2004
2004 Chili Cook-Off 2 - Page two of the 435 Chili Cook-Off 2004
Another Ice Cream Party - Ice cream Manufacturing at the Kitchenette
Big Bang Fridays
- 435 Hams enjoy fireworks at Anaheim Stadium
Blugrass 2004
- Blugrass 2004 hosted by KF6WJA
- Debauchery at the Presbyterian, party at Scott's house
Dogs n Beer 2004
- Hosted by Mark Ross, W6CIA and Hollingshead Deli
Party in the Desert 2003
- A super party at KE6MCL Desert Doug's house
Desert Doug's Antennas
- 435 hams raise the 26B2 at Desert Doug's QTH
Freeze-Off 2004
- 1st Annual 435 Ice Cream Freeze-Off
Hams for Tots 2004
- Page one of the Hams For Tots Event, 2004
Hams for Tots 2004
- Page two of the Hams For Tots Event, 2004
Hams for Tots 2004
- Page three of the Hams For Tots Event, 2004
Repeater Handoff 2002 - Roy Tucker, N6TK's hand-off to Scott, N6SAP
Ice Cream Party
- Ice cream manufacturing practice at the Kitchenette
- Playing with fire at the Kitchenette 10-04-03
Privateer Lynx
- Aboard the Privateer Lynx (way cool)
Magic Mountain
- A small 435 gathering at Magic Mountain 01-03-04
McCormick & Schmicks
- Fat hams dine at McCormick & Schmicks fine Seafood
KC6UBP Barbeque
- Page one of the 435 BBQ event hosted by KC6UBP 09-04-03
KC6UBP Barbeque
- Page two of the 435 BBQ event hosted by KC6UBP 09-04-03
KC6UBP Barbeque
- Page three of the 435 BBQ event hosted by KC6UBP 09-04-03


Photo Directories - No pages here, just open picture directories. Browse away!


DVR Directories - No pages here, just open audio directories. Browse away!


Index of 435 Movies - Index page for W6DEK 435 Movies Section
Chili Cook-Off 2004
- Movies from the 435 Chili Cook-Off 2004
435 People Are Strange - An Original Movie by Evil Tim Thompson, W6DCE
Arnold's Campaign Ad
- A hallairious cartoon from Jib-Jab
This Land
- Another hallairious cartoon from Jib-Jab
The BUZZ Movies
- N6UZS Buzz's TV appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel Show
Web Wars Flash Tour
- My first Macromedia Flash Movie
- Ice Cream Movies from a 435 gathering at the Kitchenette
Jailbait Test
- Find out if you like 'em too young
In Memory of KN6KK
- Thomas "Tommy" Eden McCoy Memorial Flash Presentation
- Tim's Mexico Vacation - An Original Movie by W6DCE
The Kimberly Movie
- It took ten years, but we got it.


Plugins Page - W6DEK Plugins Page. Get the plugins you need for
Flash Test
- Macromedia Flash plugin test
MIDI Test (background)
- Test your browser for midi support, player hidden
Midi Test (shows player)
- Test your browser for midi support, player visible
MP3 Test (background)
- Test your browser for mp3 support, player hidden
MP3 Test (shows player)
- Test your browser for mp3 support, player visible
WAVE Test (background)
- Test your browser for wav support, player hidden
WAVE Test (shows player)
- Test your browser for wav support, player visible


index - complete list
w6dek station - w6dek's ham shack
w6dek repeater - w6dek repeater / remote base
kd6gdb repeater - kd6gdb repeater / remote base
kf6gk station - kf6gk ham shack
n6qxu station - n6qxu ham shack
kf6vvp station - kv6vvp ham shack
kf6lil station - kf6lil ham shack
kf6dbj station - kf6dbj ham shack
ke6mcl station - ke6mcl ham shack
km6fz station - km6fz ham shack
kg6dvo station - kg6dvo ham shack
n6nww station - n6nww ham shack
kb6cys station - kb6cys historic packet weather station and ham shack
n6sap station - n6sap ham shack
kf6ajm station - kf6ajm ham shack
w6jhc station - w6jhc ham shack
kg6ryt station - kg6ryt ham shack
w6rbg station - w6rbg ham shack
kd6jtd station - kd6jdt ham shack
n6 station - It's him!
k6der station - k6der ham shack
w6dce station - w6dce ham shack
ke6cmm station - ke6cmm mobile Mexico


Web Wars Index Page - Best to start at the beginning
Web Wars Episode I
- First Intro Page 1999 - The Saga Begins
Get Ready - An old pre-intro page to episode 2
Web Wars Episode II - Second Intro Page 2000 - The Saga Continues
Web Wars Episode III - Third Intro Page 2001 - The Automated Hands-Free Tour
Web Wars Episode IV - Fourth Intro Page 2002 - The New Ownwer (s)
Web Wars Episode V - Fifth Intro Page 2003 - The Move
Web Wars Episode VI - Sixth Intro Page 2003 - The New Owner...Again
Web Wars Episode VII - Seventh Intro Page 2004 - Return of the Jewdi
Meet The Cast - Meet the Fat Hams of 435 in a Star Wars Parody Theme.
K4ZDH - Riley Ben Kenobe Hollingsworth
N6TK - Senator Roy "Palpatine" Tucker
KB6IAT - Evil Lord Rick Sidious
KB6IAT VS. WB6MCT - The infamous parking lot duel
N6ZUS - Darth "Little Girl" Maul
Odd Couple - Starring kb6iat & n6uzs, the girly men.
The Sting - Starring w6dek and w6dce
KC6PQW - Evil Ted
KG6KLE - Formerly KC6USO, Mobile Power Station
KD6UVD - Queen of the San Fernando Valley
KE6ALT - The Web Wars alpha lame tango page
KE6CMM - Cap
Neck Bolt Brothers - RJI and YDO, the Frankenstien Brothers
KD6JTD - JTDug, Mike "Step On All Of Us"
Big Red - Princess Big Red Organa, KD6-Woman in Charge
KC6QXA - Snatch Cheese
KF6YRY - Glen Greedo Yak Boy Roberts
KE6MFW - MFWatto
N6NHG - Kevin Mitnick
WA6QAG & KF6LIL - The Blood Brothers

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