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The Home of the Notorious 147.435 Mhz Repeater Web Ring. All amateur radio related sites are invited to join the Ring. The only requirement is that your site is ham radio related.

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435 amateur radio web ring

List of 435 Web Ring Sites

Currently, there are 10 sites in the 435 Web Ring.

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Brief Description

Home of the 435 archives and Live Streaming Audio.
435's first "official" website.
Official 147.435 Mhz Repeater Website.
Dedicated to the "No-Code-Extra."
The "anti-qrz.com" site.
Amateur Radio Discussion Forums. (Anything Goes)
Devoted to Antique Amateur Radios.
Evil Tim's Personal Website.
New Home of the 435 Swapnet
A list of operators that are banned from 435.

435 Web Ring

Join the 435 Web Ring

Conditions for Web Ring member sites: Read this first.

WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING RULES! Basically, there are no conditions or rules regarding the content of your site. Your site does not even have to be related to 435, but it does have to be amateur radio related. I mean after all, we are hams, right? Any amateur radio related site is welcome to join the ring. We do require that you maintain the 435 Ring code on your "home" page so that surfers will not be directed to a back page on your site. If you have a complaint about inappropriate content on a member site of this ring, or if you find a break in the ring you may report it to me here.

The ring code is ours. We do not use RingSurf, or any other buggy third party web ring host. I have never found one that works properly, so I created, and host my own ring. You are free to modify the code to fit the look and feel of your site, but you must not alter any of the links. You must also leave the" 435 skull and crossbones" picture in the code, so that surfers are able to find it easily when navigating the ring. If you want your site to be included in the 435 Web Ring, please follow these simple steps.

1.) Fill out the form below. All fields are required and you must use a valid e-mail address.

2.) After I review your site, I will e-mail the code to you. Place the code on your HOME page. (index.htm, index.html, sitemap.html, default.html, index.php)

3.) Reply to the e-mail that I sent to let me know the code is in place, and I will activate your site.

435 Web Ring Submission Form

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Example: http://yourstie.com
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* Your BRIEF Site Description:

Report any broken sites in the ring here.

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