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Web Wars

Web Wars Home CONTINUE

A long time ago...
on a repeater far, far, and I mean way friggin' far away...
Episode 5
Ham Pressmansolo has just revealed
his top secret plans to move the repeater.
In his ongoing effort to combat the dark forces of the 435 underworld,
our hero has decided to opt for Contract Point,
located on the outer rim of the Galaxy.

This should greatly impact the would be jamming slime.
Since most of these penisless peckerheads live in the valley anyway,
they should now be able to do most of their jamming with a hand-held.

Will GDB have capture control?
Will he let DEK use his remote?
Will the repeater still make it into Temecula?
Will Frank get to move with the repeater?
Will IAT create another dreambook...again?

are the 435'ers last hope
for restoring peace and order
to the Ham Radio Community...

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435 Web Wars is a Star Wars Parody Featuring the Amateur Radio Operators of the 147.435 Mhz Repeater

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