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Web Wars

Web Wars Home CONTINUE

A long time ago...
on a repeater far, far away...
Episode 6
Oh Yeah Baby!
Ham Pressmansolo has sold the repeater to KG6DVO.
Rumors have it that Scott was starting to develop a
pain in the neckhole.

What will happen next?
Will it become the Paintball Repeater?
Will the Lepers all be allowed back?
What about Joe, Jack, Leon, and Jimmy?
Will Butt Shaven be the new Control Operator?
Will Gary move the repeater behind the Orange Curtain?
Will Gary suck Riley's wee wee?
One thing is certain...

The Doppler Jedi and GARY ELMER
are the 435'ers last hope
for restoring peace and order
to the Ham Radio Community...

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435 Web Wars is a Star Wars Parody Featuring the Amateur Radio Operators of the 147.435 Mhz Repeater

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