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What's New at the W6DEK.COM Amateur Radio related web site and what's new in Ham Radio as it relates to the 147.435 Mhz Repeater. Echolink access to 435, news and updates. New additions to the 435 dvr archives and 435 photo archives, will be listed here. Enforcement issues with Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH and the FCC related to the 435 Repeater will also be covered here. Find out what callsign the repeater is operating under this week.

A cronological listing of what is and what was new at w6dek.com


12-29-04 We got a NEW Echolink and News Server!

12-28-04 NEW 435 Web Ring Created

12-23-04 Evil Tim's Website Returns

12-21-02 Gerritsen Update Looks like Jack had a visitor...twice

12-03-04 From the ARRL: Gerritsen gets another NAL

12-01-04 Photos of the dinner at McCormick & Schmicks

11-23-04 Photos Of The Annual 435 Hams For Tots Events

11-06-04 Dogs & Beer Photos Added

10-30-04 Return of the Jewdi

10-29-04 More Ice Cream Photos Photos from the Kitchenette

10-01-04 The 435 Forums

8-22-04 Photos of the 1st Annual Ice Cream Freeze-Off 2004


7-20-04 New Movie: Another "must see" Jib-Jab© Parody on the 2004 Election!

7-03-04 Ice Cream Party at the Kitchenette

6-26-04 The 435 News Group is Back Thanks to RJI

6-25-04 Gerritsen Makes Newsline

6-19-04 2004 Chili Cook-off Photos and Movies

6-16-04 Jack Gerritsen's NAL & Response


4-15-04 Photo of HPO added

3-18-04 Finally, A current picture of you know who. (taken today)

3-18-04 Anton & JTD PARLOLED

3-16-04 Anton & JTD get the boot!

3-11-04 The BUZZ Movies

2-11-04 Buddy Got a Letter

1-8-04 Photos from the KFWJA Bluegrass Party

1-7-03 Web Server Crashed: Passwords Lost. E-MAIL ME

12-10-03 The 435 Control Ops KILLED KG6EOK!

12-06-03 Buh-bye ZKZ DVR.

12-05-03 435 on Newsline MP3.

11-21-03 Photos from Magic Mountain.

11-12-03 Check out 435Cornfield.com.

10-17-03 DBJ gives Chuckie a week off.

10-16-03 DCE gives BIZ a week off.

10-15-03 More News on Jack Gerritsen.

10-15-03 Photo Archives Updated (Aboard the Privateer Lynx).

10-04-03 Photo Archives Updated (Party at the Kitchenette).

09-27-03 Photos of the Party in the Desert.

09-22-03 Photos of the N6SAB Debauchery at the Presbyterian.

09-21-03 Henry gets the boot...again. (354KB)

09-14-03 More DVRs added oh DVO and UKN, (courtesy of KF6AJM).

09-14-03 A List or thumbbails of photos of the UBP BBQ.

07-11-03 Check out AD6RS.COM

07-05-03 Antenna Party in the Desert.

07-02-03 DVO gives USO the boot! Click here to listen to it. 322kb.

06-19-03 New Rules go into effect at midhight 6-21-03

06-18-03 More DVR's of Anton and Steve submitted by KF6VVP

06-13-03 NHJ and the Dirt Farmer become Gary's first victims.

06-08-03 Silent Key: KN6KK

06-07-03 The New Owner...AGAIN!

06-04-03 Silent Key: KG6EOK.

04-17-03 Meet Baghdad Bob.

04-15-03 Richard Burton gets 435's 2-meter input shut off

03-21-03 The Funniest FLASH I've seen yet.

03-21-03 The Joe Cannon Shot is archived here.

03-13-03 Two new UKN sound bytes added. UKN1 UKN2

03-01-03 Henry's back. So the world isn't perfect.

02-06-03 My first Flash Movie is here. The file is 3.3 megs but well worth it.

01-24-03 WELCOME BACK GARY. N6BIZ has been allowed to return to the repeater. Still no official word on Henry.

01-17-03 The classic "One Back Pocket Show" starring AD6RS. The show consists of three high quality MP3's, aprox. 3 MB each.

01-07-03 Holy Icom 900 Module Batman, we're all in trouble when this thing goes up. CLICK HERE to check out the newest KD6GDB REMOTE BASE, which will soon reside on Contract Point.

12-20-02 INCREASED BANDWIDTH! The News Server and the DVR Server are now THREE TIMES FASTER!

12-19-02 The NEW W6DEK 435 DVR Archives are open to all users. Send me more DVR's

12-19-02 The NEW W6DEK 435 Continuous 435 Recordings are open to Doppler Team Alpha Members. E-mail me with the password you would like to use. Your callsign will be your log-in name.

11-25-02 The NEW 435 News Group

11-07-02 The W6DEK Repeater and VIP System is on line...(kind of)

10-15-02 Link added; KF6QHN (not politically correct)

10-08-02 The crew of the SS Kamaniwannalaya


09-28-02 Photos of the Great Repeater Hand-off

09-18-02 Click here to see the results of NHJ's meltdown

9-12-02 Click here to see the IAT/RPI snitch page


07-21-02 The NEW Plugins Resource Page


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ham radio

147.435 Mhz

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